Asset and Property Management

Through our sister company Hillside Management B.V. we provide both asset and property management services to our own investments as well as to third parties. We distinguish our offering through our commercial and financial skills, high quality reporting and high service levels for all relevant parties.

For more information visit the website of Hillside Management B.V. or read further for a brief overview of our offering.

Property Management

Our property management offering is split in three different disciplines, although they are all managed by a single accountmanager. Besides our standard offering we are able to provide customisation for each client. See below an indication of the services we provide with our standard offering for the property management of your real estate portfolio.


Our administrative activities include:

  • invoicing debtors,
  • daily statement processing,
  • debtor monitoring,
  • processing invoices (creditors),
  • periodic reporting to the owner / investor,
  • rent commission matters,
  • service costs settlements (to the tenants)
  • handling collection matters for non-paying tenants,
  • optionally we’re also able to handle your VAT returns regarding the properties.

Technical Management

Our technical management activities include:

  • acceptance and processing of repair requests,
  • periodic inspection of the buildings / complexes with regard to the “state” of the building,
  • technical supervision of major maintenance,
  • taking care of final inspections in case of lease termination,
  • taking care of service contracts (periodic elevator maintenance, cleaning, etc.),
  • registering and deregistering meter readings for electricity, gas, water, etc,
  • checking the invoices relating to the orders given and the service contracts concluded.

Commercial Management

Our commercial management activities include:

  • first point of contact for tenants,
  • renting out vacant homes and business objects, 
  • drafting lease agreements,
  • contract management of current leases (deeds of substitution and rent revisions).

Asset Management

In addition to the operational tasks that we perform as a property manager, we are able to manage and optimize the portfolios of our clients. We will provide practical and expert guidance to the chosen external service providers (real estate agents, contractors, notaries, tax advisors, accountants etc.), maintain and expand the relationship with the tenants, but also monitor the quality and results of property management on behalf of the owner. Periodic and customized hiqh quality reporting allow our clients to have the correct management information that they require.